This website contains the work and related research of Henry Stratakis-Allen of Westport, CT.

My primary fields of interest include historical and contemporary geopolitics of the Middle East and Mediterranean, art and culture in the medieval and pre-modern west, Islamic philosophy, and Byzantine political and cultural history.

I spent three semesters at NCC (Norwalk Community College) and one at HCC (Housatonic Community College) during high school while I was engaged in research projects at the MET in New York City and the Abigail Adams Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts and worked off-site at an Archaeological excavation in Chios, Greece over the summers of 2017 and 2018. I entered my Freshman year of college at William & Mary in the fall of 2019 and declared my double-major in Medieval/Renaissance Studies and Mathematics the next semester. I took three courses over the summer of 2020 (including the equivalent of two semesters of Arabic at the Jordan-based Qasid Institute) and began taking upper-level Mathematics courses in the fall.

I intend to complete my undergraduate studies in the next year or two and then move on to post-undergraduate work. I hope to study Middle Eastern and Byzantine history at the graduate level. I am also considering graduate work in the field of Applied Mathematics especially related to Analysis and Statistics.