Research Papers

This is a collection of every full-length research paper I’ve written for a college course.

These papers were written since the end of my Freshman year of college, from the summer of 2020 up to now. These represent my most recent and most developed works.

German-Ottoman Intellectual Ties in Recent Historiography

This paper covers recent trends in historiography on the intellectual ties between Germany and the Ottoman Empire before and during the First World War and evidences the increasing relevance of the field.

These papers were written during my Freshman year of college at William & Mary (2019-2020). They present relatively rigorous and persuasive theses.

Byzantine Art in Germany

This paper argues that the Byzantine influences on German art that were prevalent during the reign of the Byzantine empress Theophano (984-991) had a lasting effect on German artistic traditions.

The Enlightenment and Catherine the Great in Crimea

In this paper, I argue that Catherine the Great used the rhetoric and ideals of the Enlightenment, namely by portraying herself as an enlightened monarch and a liberator, to support her political aspirations in Crimea.

The Eucharistic Theology of Henry VIII

Here, I argue that Henry VIII’s perspective on Eucharistic theology likely remained far more consistent before and after his split with the Catholic church than is generally assumed.

The Tres Riches Heures and the Duc de Berry

In this paper, I argue that the Tres Riches Heures is best understood as iterating a distinct intellectual program with an emphasis on the stability and divinity of French cultural rituals associated with both the aristocracy and the labors of the peasants

These two papers were written in 2018 and submitted for courses taken at NCC and were the first two research projects I ever conducted. They have been polished for display on this site but generally left as they were several years ago.

The Campaigns of Suleiman I

This paper presents a reassessment of the political and economic ramifications of the Ottoman sultan Suleiman I’s military campaigns

Byzantine-German Relations, 1137-1180

The paper deals with Byzantine-German relations through the reigns of the Byzantine Komnenoi emperors John I and Manuel I, with a focus on contemporary geopolitics in the Balkans.